Leo Irakliotis is a higher education consultant with more than 15 years of experience as a university professor and executive. His expertise includes the following areas:

Management: University management and organization; strategy development; change management; emergence of mission/vision and identity; continuous improvement; system reviews; industry relations; alternative economic models/low-cost alternatives; policy; faculty development; enrollment strategy; new programs; program review and evaluation; technical assistance; boards of advisors; boards of trustees.

Academic operations: curriculum design; professional and graduate programs; post-traditional programs; competency-based education; learning analytics; adjunct, clinical, and full-time faculty balance and cycle; models for asynchronous instruction; program mapping; higher education policy.

Technical: data architecture and modeling; data science; analytics; medical informatics; technology and public policy.

Corporate: Learning and development strategy; performance and training; skill/competency-based recruiting; university partnerships; university programs; startup technical assistance.